Massive Attack "3D & Vermona" (demo)

Massive Attack '3D & Vermona' (demo)
File this one under "unconfirmed," but it looks as if classic UK trip-hoppers Massive Attack are working on new material. Seattle-based electronic artist Anomie Belle just posted a track on her Facebook page, but there's little to no info about the number other than the tag "fresh new Massive Attack demo..." According to the SoundCloud page, though, this could be called "3D & Vermona."

Instead of hashing out the details, stream the cut below and enjoy that chill build-up of droning synths, a steady oontz kick and hush-hush vocals before that ultra-high EQ snap beat starts up mid-song. Considering this is in the demo stage, maybe that will be brought down in the mix at a later date?

Check it out below.

Thanks to Prefix for the tip.

3D & VERMONA DEMO by Euan Me