Mas Ysa "Gun" (ft. Nicole Miglis)

Mas Ysa 'Gun' (ft. Nicole Miglis)
Electronic singer-songwriter Mas Ysa recently announced plans for his debut full-length Seraph, and offered up the album's lead single "Margarita." Now, the Montreal music maker (born Thomas Arsenault) has unveiled another sneak peek at the forthcoming release, sharing album cut "Gun."
The song features Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters, who infuses the song with what Arsenault believes is a necessary female perspective.
"'Gun' is a duet," he said in a press release. "I wanted the other side of the story told and not just mine. I'd written it originally with just the male perspective and it felt a bit unsatisfying, so I brought the subject into the song. That was cathartic."
Like the rest of the album, "Gun" is a song that's introspective and personal, and while this particular tune isn't aimed at filling the dancefloor, it's still a striking and powerful number. It opens with Arsenault's almost a cappella vocals, though bursts of loud, dark synths add drama at crucial moments, as Miglis's voice weaves its way in and spars back-and-forth with Arsenault's.
Seraph is out July 24 through Downtown Records/MapleMusic Recordings. Listen to "Gun" below.