Marykate O'Neil


BY Sofi PapamarkoPublished Mar 19, 2009

It's never difficult to spot the singer-songwriter that hails from New York City - the unmistakable pulse of the metropolis often ingrains itself into the rhythms and melodies of their music. Tossing in geographical references and the obligatory Joe Jackson cover also tend to be dead giveaways - a poignant take on "Different For Girls" might just trump the original, if you'll pardon the blasphemy. Marykate O'Neil's exquisite musicianship lends credibility to her '70s AM radio meets indie folk stylings and her crystal-clear pipes have presence throughout. The album also features backing vocals provided by Jill Sobule of "I Kissed a Girl" fame (no, not that one). The quiet strength of this release will hopefully ensure that O'Neil won't remain underground for much longer.

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