Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits Live In 76

Taped in Amsterdam during his first European tour in 1976, Greatest Hits Live captures Marvin Gaye at the top of his game. For all of his legendary status, there unfortunately remains relatively little concert footage of Gaye, making this disc a much welcome release. For an artist whom at times, was known for being a somewhat erratic live performer, Greatest Hits Live is a genuine revelation. Riding a soul-sonic high through his ’60s hits ("Ain’t That Peculiar, "Stubborn Kind of Fellow”) to his ’70s artistic peaks ("What’s Going On,” "Distant Lover”), it becomes apparent while viewing this concert what a truly versatile and charismatic live performer Gaye was. All of the different elements of his divided soul gel here. During "Let’s Get It On,” he teases females in the audience by saying, "it’s kind of warm here,” playing out the song’s eroticism and giving the politically charged classics from What’s Going On heartfelt and moving conviction. The only thing missing from Greatest Hits Live is a 5.1 sound remix, something an artist of Marvin Gaye’s stature certainly deserves. (Eagle Rock)