Mark Lanegan / Ralph Stanley "White Light/White Heat" (Velvet Underground cover)

Mark Lanegan / Ralph Stanley 'White Light/White Heat' (Velvet Underground cover)
We've known for some time that Nick Cave and constant collaborator Warren Ellis were putting together a soundtrack for Western flick Lawless, a Shia LaBeouf vehicle whose screenplay was also penned by Cave. For the set, Cave and Ellis put together a crack team of musicians called the Bootleggers to cover some memorable tunes in a bluegrass fashion, mimicking the movie's prohibition-era Virginia setting. You can check out the results down below via a cover of the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat" with Mark Lanegan on the mic.

As you can hear, the song has a ramshackle back-porch arrangement, with the highlight either being Lanegan's cigarette-stained vocals, Ellis's mad-man fiddling, or that roaring piano line.

The soundtrack also features an alternate take of the Lou Reed-penned classic courtesy of bluegrass figure Ralph Stanley. This version is significantly different, running solely on some acoustic six-string strumming and Stanley's weathered pipes, but is no less awesome.

Lawless hits screens August 29, while Cave and Ellis's soundtrack arrives the day before via Sony Music.