Mark Eitzel "I Love You But You're Dead"

Mark Eitzel 'I Love You But You're Dead'
Former American Music Club leader Mark Eitzel suffered not only the implosion of his band, but also a heart attack prior to the recording of his next solo set, Don't Be a Stranger. Understandably, the singer-songwriter was a little bummed about life, but the album's opening track, "I Love You But You're Dead," is still oddly uplifting.

The song finds Eitzel feeling bleak despite attending at a graveyard smash near the ol' "Horror House," where a band play full tilt 'neath the twilight. Eitzel gets an adorably dour autograph from the singer, but somehow everything works out in the end.

Sonically, the song gets by on a soft, though distortion-dusted, shuffle, as six-string whammy-bar action idles gently behind the backbeat.

"I wanted to make an album more reminiscent of records like Harvest by Neil Young or Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake than anything I've previously done," Eitzel said in a statement of Don't Be a Stranger.

You can hear for yourself if Eitzel hit the mark via the stream below.

As previously reported, Don't Be a Stranger arrives October 2 through Merge.