Marine Dreams Preps 'Corner of the Eye'

Marine Dreams Preps 'Corner of the Eye'
Two years after Ian Kehoe unveiled his self-titled debut as Marine Dreams, the Attack in Black alum has announced a follow-up called Corner of the Eye. The sophomore set arrives September 24 courtesy of You've Changed Records.

A press release notes that the 10-song set was recorded in a basement in Welland, ON by Daniel Romano, with songs "begun and finished in just a few hours." Apparently a book of Henri Rousseau paintings was passed around the control room as Kehoe and collaborators Ross Miller, Ian Romano and Tamara Lindeman began shaping the songs, which are said to eschew cymbals and electric guitars in favour of three-part harmonies, drum machines and "acrobatic bass."

The song cycle is further described as "a dreamy, unforced exploration of a musical world of its own invention," though it apparently flirts with the sounds of Lee Perry, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty.

You can sample the easy-listenin' "Roots Come After Lengthy Waits" beneath the tracklisting.

Corner of the Eye:

 1. Faces
 2. Straight Path
 3. Damp Eyes
 4. Corner of the Eye
 5. Roots Come After Lengthy Waits
 6. How Can I Be So Missunderstood
 7. I Won't Be Abandoned
 8. Morning
 9. Gaurding My Love
 10. Scared of Burning Up