Marine Dreams "Sudden Dark Truths" (video)

Marine Dreams 'Sudden Dark Truths' (video)
Formerly of the iconic Canadian rock unit Attack in Black, Ian Kehoe is now making music under the name Marine Dreams. The self-titled debut album was released last year via the New Brunswick-based label You've Changed Records, and in support of the record, Marine Dreams has now put out a view for the album track "Sudden Dark Truths" with the help of Vulture Culture Films.

The video takes place on a vacant road somewhere in the midst of the night near Millbrook, ON. With most of the lighting coming primarily from car headlights, there is a very ominous undertone to the clip that suits the song perfectly. The majority of the video is filmed in some kind of strange stop-motion style that is bizarre but interesting enough.

Check out the video for "Sudden Dark Truths" by Marine Dreams below.

Marine Dreams - Sudden Dark Truths from Jared Raab on Vimeo.