Manic Street Preachers Rope In Four Tet, Patrick Wolf, Saint Etienne and More for Remix Album

Manic Street Preachers Rope In Four Tet, Patrick Wolf, Saint Etienne and More for Remix Album
With Manic Street Preachers' Journal for Plague Lovers officially out in the UK this week, the band have announced they're giving the Steve Albini-produced effort the remix treatment, and a pretty sweet-looking treatment at that. Included on the upcoming effort will be a ton of celeb remixers, including Four Tet, Patrick Wolf, Underworld, Fuck Buttons, Saint Etienne, the Horrors and Andrew Weatherall, among others.

Apparently the band hand-picked the contributing artists and assigned them each a track for the upcoming remix album. In a statement, Manics' Nicky Wire said, "It's been a pretty overwhelming response, to be honest. We chose people for each track hoping they would bring us back something unique, that they'd find something we maybe hadn't in the track. Without fail, they've done that."

While speaking to the Quietus, Wire elaborated a bit more in a less press-release-type manner, explaing, "Andrew Weatherall has done an amazing version of 'Peeled Apples,' which he described as being like Charlie Watts playing with PiL. The Horrors have done a remix of 'Doors Closing Slowly,' which is even doomier, British Sea Power have done 'Me And Stephen Hawking,' which is a Joe Meek kind of thing. Four Tet have really used and abused Albini's sounds."

At this point, there's no solid info on a release date for the record, or if its cover will lead supermarkets to censor it (see video below), but the album is reportedly going to be available to download on June 15.  

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Andrew Weatherall: "Peeled Apples"
2. Saint Etienne: "Jackie Collins Existential Question Time"
3. British Sea Power: "Me And Stephen Hawking"
4. Patrick Wolf: "This Joke Sport Severed"
5. Optimo (Espacio): "Journal For Plague Lovers"
6. The Pariahs: "She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach"
7. Adem: "Facing Page Top Left"
8. New Young Pony Club: "Marlon JD"
9. The Horrors: "Doors Closing Slowly"
10. Errors: "All Is Vanity"
11. Four Tet: "Pretension/Repulsion"
12. Fuck Buttons: "Virginia State Epileptic Colony"
13. Underworld: "William's Last Words"
14. Jonathan Krisp: "Bag Lady"