Manic Street Preachers Get Set for "One Last Shot at Mass Communication" with Postcards From a Young Man

Manic Street Preachers Get Set for 'One Last Shot at Mass Communication' with <i>Postcards From a Young Man</i>
Last year, long-running UK faves Manic Street Preachers released Journal for Plague Lovers, their controversially covered ninth studio album. This fall, they plan to follow it up with another full-length called Postcards From a Young Man.

According to an interview with NME, front-man James Dean Bradfield says the band have ditched the heavy-handed tone of their last record in favour of sprawling pop anthems. "We're going for big radio hits on this one," he said. "It isn't a follow-up to Journal for Plague Lovers. It's one last shot at mass communication."

While Postcards From a Young Man doesn't have a North American release date yet, it will be available in the UK on September 20. The way these things work, there's a good chance it will be out in our continent the following day.

The Manics have also just announced an upcoming UK tour. You can see all the dates here