Manager: "Led Zeppelin Are Over!"

Manager: 'Led Zeppelin Are Over!'
Oh, what difference a day makes. Barely 24 hours ago word leaked from the BBC that Led Zeppelin would be touring and recording a new album. But now we hear the polar opposite, with reports indicating there's zero chance the band will reunite in any sort of capacity.

"Led Zeppelin are over!" Jimmy Page's manager Peter Mensch told MusicRadar. "If you didn't see them in 2007 [when they played a one-off reunion at London's O2 Arena], you missed them. It's done. I can't be any clearer than that."

In yesterday's BBC 6 Music article, Mensch was quoted as saying that Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham (the son of original drummer John) were currently auditioning new singers to replace front-man Robert Plant, who has made it clear he has no intention of returning to the band. However, again Mensch said that this is not the case.

"They tried out a few singers, but no one worked out," the manager said today. "That was it. The whole thing is completely over now. There are absolutely no plans for them to continue. Zero. Frankly, I wish everybody would stop talking about it."

So how could two media outlets quote the same person and come out with such utterly contradictory stories? Well, according to MusicRadar, the BBC made a slip-up on this one and somehow quoted a months-old interview with Mensch. However, the BBC has yet to share its side of the story.

To read a detailed timeline of the events leading up to what's being called "Zep-gate," you can do so here.

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