Man Already Raises $18,000 by Listening Only to Nickelback for a Week

Man Already Raises $18,000 by Listening Only to Nickelback for a Week
Some people go on marathons to raise money for charity. Others shave their heads. One brave soul, however, has pledged to listen to Nickelback's catalogue on a continuous loop for an entire week, and so far he's raised more than $18,000 in donations.

The man's name is Jesse Carey, and he's raising cash for charity: water, with aims to build a well for a community in need. He initially set his campaign goal at $5,000, but he then raised it to $10,000. He's now exceeded that number by a significant margin. There are still 41 days left in the campaign.

Clearly, Carey has a good sense of humour, even in the face of being subjected to 168 consecutive hours of Nickelback. His lengthy listening sesh — dubbed the Nickelback Challenge — began on February 16 and runs until February 22, which means that he's in the midst of it right now.

In response to the wildly successful campaign, Carey wrote, "THANK YOU to everyone who has given and supported my dream to plum the depths of the human psyche as I embark on mankind's greatest test of the powers of good and evil: In the battle between the music of Nickelback and the human spirit, who will emerge victorious?"

Check out the campaign here.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that Nickelback have become the butt of jokes. One campaign aimed to stop the band from playing in London ever again, while another protested them playing an NFL halftime show. The NICKELBLOCK plugin removed mentions of the rockers from your internet browser, and two guys were even detained by police for saying "Nickelback" (not "nickel sack").

Nickelback, meanwhile, continue to laugh all the way to the bank.