The Magnetic Fields Return with Realism Next Year

The Magnetic Fields Return with <i>Realism</i> Next Year
Once again, cantankerous songwriting grump Stephin Merritt is coming out of hiding to give us a new Magnetic Fields album, his first since 2008's Distortion. For this one, he's again pairing up with label Nonesuch and giving this 13-track studio effort the title Realism.

So far, few album details have been revealed, though there is a tracklisting and the album art (see above), which follows the same design scheme as the last few Magnetic Fields records and trades Distortion's neon pink for a warm, simple tan. Call it a wild guess, but we have a feeling Merritt has ditched his last album's Jesus and Mary Chain obsession for something a tad more down to earth and "real."

Realism is due out on January 26, and will likely come with a few lives shows and maybe a Merritt-penned jingle or two.


1. "You Must Be Out of Your Mind"

2. "Interlude"

3. "We Are Having A Hootenanny"

4. "I Don't Know What To Say"

5. "The Dolls' Tea Party"

6. "Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree"

7. "Walk a Lonely Road"

8. "Always Already Gone"

9. "Seduced and Abandoned"

10. "Better Things"

11. "Painted Flower"

12. "The Dada Polka"

13. "From a Sinking Boat"