Madonna Tries - and Fails - to Stop a Ween Soundcheck

Madonna Tries - and Fails - to Stop a Ween Soundcheck
Settling all those "who would win in a fight: Madonna or Ween " debates we've been having over the years, this weekend we finally got our answer. And oddly enough, the victors were Ween.

The spat, which took place in New York City's Central Park last Friday (September 17), erupted as the long-time rock and roll weirdoes were soundchecking before their set later that night as part of the park's SummerStage series. Meanwhile, the Material Girl was nearby shooting a scene for W.E, a film she's directing. Needless to say, the noise coming out of the brothers Ween was disruptive to the filming, and Madge was pissed.

Hidden Track's report from the scene says Madonna herself entered the venue, Rumsey Playfield, and went up to the band's management to get them to shut up, but with the concert mere hours away, the request was denied. The report reads: "Madonna must've gotten wind of the situation as at approximately 5:15PM she entered the concert field with her security entourage and asked [SummerStage Production Manager] Danny Owen if she could speak to the band. Danny responded, 'with all due respect, no you may not.'"

While she pleaded with the outfit's manager to stop the show for filming, Ween went on with their business and played an extended set with a three-song encore. The power of Boognish prevails!

See the full report of the incident, as well as a handful of clips from the concert here

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.