Mad Capsule Markets Osc-Dis (Oscillator In Distortion)

Although Canada has been pawning off our second-rate bands on Japan since the beginning of time, very few Japanese bands return the favour. Guess when the Mad Capsule Markets hit it big in their homeland after the track "Good Girl" was featured in a popular television commercial the Japanese thought it was time to unleash them on Canada. The disc begins its impression before you've even opened the package. The trio - vocalist Kyono, bassist/programmer Takeshi Ueda and drummer/programmer Motokatsu Miyagami - appear in futuristic outfits on the cover, which are reminiscent of the ultra-fun toy robot Transformers. But that aside, the intensity of the candy punk stitched with industrial static found through this record has made waves with world-wide remixers the likes of DJ Krush. Osc-Dis (Oscillator In Distortion) is the Mad Capsule Markets' ninth recording since the band's inception in 1990 (almost a record a year). This disc is a trip, and makes me wish we hadn't sent such crap over there because we might have seen this disc sooner. (Outside)