Machinedrum Details 'Vapor City'

Machinedrum Details 'Vapor City'
Earlier this year, electronic artist Machinedrum (a.k.a. Travis Stewart) hinted his Ninja Tune debut Vapor City would be on the way shortly, and sure enough, the album has now nabbed a September 17 street date.

According to a press release, the 10-song LP was inspired by a recurring series of dreams Stewart had about an imaginary metropolis called Vapor City, with his visions apparently being so vivid that he crafted the soundscape in tribute to the city's many districts and landmarks.

"In the dream I felt like I knew all the places, I kept seeing the same streets, the same shops and clubs," he told the Creators Project. "Same amusement parks and weird little details that I kept noticing were recurring and it really started to freak me out that this kept happening."

The interview goes on to add that Stewart sorted through upwards of 70 tracks before deciding on the official 10-song LP. The extra songs will apparently be delivered on forthcoming EPs, or as bonus content on a Vapor City-themed website.

"[W]e're doing this thing called Vapor City citizen where you sign up to become a Vapor City citizen and you'll get free content based on what month it is and what district we're representing — I feel a lot of the songs, the stronger ones, will surface in that way."

The record comes in the wake of Machinedrum's recently released "Eyesdontlie" single, and likewise includes the track. You'll find the tracklist down below.

Vapor City:

1. Gunshotta
2. Infinite Us
3. Don't 1 2 Lose U
4. Center Your Love
5. Vizion
6. Rise N Fall
7. SeeSea
8. U Still Lie
9. Eyesdontlie
10. Baby Its U