Machinedrum "Eyesdontlie"

Machinedrum 'Eyesdontlie'
Having recently signed with Ninja Tune, electronic artist Machinedrum (a.k.a. Travis Stewart) is beginning to roll out new material for the imprint. While an LP titled Vapor City is apparently in the works, he's delivered a new single called "Eyesdontlie," which will be released on July 29. However, you can stream it now.

Dreamy synths and skittering electronic percussion provide the backdrop for the bulk of the song, which finds an ever-pitch-shifted hook of "eyes don't lie" tossed atop it all. There's an ultra-airy, minimalist passage of new age synths in the midsection, but Machinedrum brings the track back to a boil rather quickly.

You can listen to the jungle-flirting number down below courtesy of Pitchfork.

Along with the new full-length, Machinedrum will deliver an EP called Fenris District.