Mac McCaughan "When the Evening Comes" (the Undead cover)

Mac McCaughan 'When the Evening Comes' (the Undead cover)
While all you punks out there are slicking down your devilocks for your in-costume Misfits cover sets tomorrow night, Superchunk main-man Mac McCaughan is digging a bit deeper this Halloween season by offering up a cover from ghoulish offshoot project the Undead. You can starts your spooky weekend off with a countrified take of "When the Evening Comes."

The OG cut found onetime Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele and his band delivering a lovelorn, sock hop-modelled pop-punk track about anticipating a meet-up at the midnight hour. McCaughan's run-through doesn't similarly sound as if he's been slamming down Red Bulls and a handful of Tootsie Rolls in the cemetery. Instead, he offers up a tenderly strummed version, as if he were howlin' at the moon from his back porch.

It should be noted that Superchunk have, quite awesomely, handled their fair share of Misfits covers over the years. McCaughan has stepped up his game and separated himself from the usual pack of seasonal punk covers with this one.

You can hear him revive the Undead piece via the stream down below.