M/V Lark "Strange Beauty" / "When You Were Loved"

M/V Lark 'Strange Beauty' / 'When You Were Loved'
If you're looking to injecting a bit of dreaminess into your folk playlist, Vancouver duo M/V Lark may have just what you need. The West Coast project have just issued a self-titled album.

The core duo of Tasha Cyr and Erik Virtanen teamed up with backup musicians James Finnerty, Jakub Zopotoczny and Jon Powter for the eight-song collection. Principal recordings sessions took place out at Montreal's Mountain City studio with Joseph Donovan.

Singing of "bionic hearts" and death, Cyr's Hope Sandoval-style hushes float above a bed of synths, rustic strums and a steady, slow-mo backbeat on "Strange Beauty." Virtanen takes on lead vocals for the spritely, tambourine-tapping indie-folk jam, "When You Were Loved."

Both tracks can be streamed below, while the rest of M/V Lark is up for purchase via Bandcamp.