M-Boogie/Various Independents' Finest

If you want to keep tabs on the illest hip-hop being produced, then you have to look to the underground and the third instalment of Independents' Finest, which showcases how the lesser-known MCs on the scene are pushing hip-hop in the right direction. M-Boogie takes mixing duties, throwing mass amounts of audio goodies at us, starting off so incredibly strong with the mighty Rasco's "The Beat Down" blended into Cappo's heavy funk guitar-driven "Funky Fresh" and rarely letting up. But with the sheer number of tracks being offered here there's bound to be a couple of lows, and such is the case with this effort. But because M-Boogie's mixes are smooth and the gaps are filled with loads of cutting and rapid break-beats and hip-hop sound bites, the journey always maintains a high level of interest. Topnotch mixing and an ace crate to work with make this well worth a listen. (Ill Boogie)