Lykke Li "Never Gonna Love Again" (video)

Lykke Li 'Never Gonna Love Again' (video)
Lykke Li's track "Never Gonna Love Again" is a soaring mega-ballad, and now the Swedish pop singer has released a dramatic music video that fits the tone perfectly.

The video begins with the singer looking sullen as she rides in the back of a car on a rainy night. Things take an explosive turn, however, and we see a band performance that could be interpreted as some sort of dream sequence or perhaps a vision of the afterlife.

"Loneliness and heartbreak follow you everywhere and they are loudest right after the lights go out and the crowds quiet," Li said in a statement to Rolling Stone about the video. "Here's an intimate glimpse of how it can be to live your dream whilst stuck in your dream. In the lonely wolf hour, the night becomes your stage, the stars your audience, the rain your memories."

Watch it below. This song comes from last year's I Never Learn, which is out through Atlantic.