Lupe Fiasco "The Show Goes On"

Lupe Fiasco 'The Show Goes On'
Now that all that Lasers feuding is over, Lupe Fiasco is finally getting ready to roll out his long-delayed new album. So it makes sense that we're now getting the new Lasers track, "The Show Goes On." However, what may make you shake your head a bit is how much Fiasco has borrowed/sampled from Modest Mouse's 2004 hit "Float On."

The similarities are undeniable, so unless Lupe is gearing up for a big and ugly lawsuit, we're assuming he cleared this with Isaac Brock and the guys. And considering there's already that god awful Kidz Bop version out there, this latest re-imagining of Modest Mouse's tune is fine by us.

Hear "The Show Goes On" for yourself down in that widget and do a bit of comparing with Modest Mouse's "Float On" down a bit further.

Lasers is due out via Atlantic on March 8.