A Luna Red The Death Birds

Using looped drums and scattered and combustible electronic bits, the vintage, synthesised sounding A Luna Red take the lateral thinking aspects of industrial music and add a touch of arty punk nihilism. Every track on the album seems to work in a reverse logic kind of way. The bulk of the instruments seem to solely operate as reactions based off of the unclean and lurid insect-like biorhythmic bass lines that recall a sense of gloom; the same kind that had made pioneering acts like Joy Division and Bauhaus palatable to ingest. The vampire punk vocal incantations add extra depth to the ordeal, causing one to think that this collective reside in northern latitudes where the sun hibernates for six-month periods instead of the Canadian West Coast. Be careful when playing this when existing during vulnerable moments, as you might perceive them as terrifying and ominous. But then again, playing this disc could also act as the tool for exorcising any psychic demons that were left by previous tenants in your apartment. It's a chance you might want to take. (Global Symphonic)