Lullaby Baxter Garden Cities of To-morrow

With all the characteristics of master popsmiths like Burt Bacharach, Paul McCartney and the Carpenters, Lullaby Baxter has composed a wonderful, orchestral brew. In its flurry of styles and incorporation of jazz and romantic soft rock, there is something cosmopolitan about Garden Cities of To-morrow. Baxter’s voice is a lilting instrument, soft and bold with a bit of inherent reed buzz. The rich bounce of "What’s Wrong with You?” contains a hint of Pet Sounds’ ambition, while "Little Song” has the forlorn quality one might expect from Karen Carpenter. "Sugar” possesses the chops of the Band entertaining Bob Dylan and "Lord, I Won’t Fight You Anymore” has the understated grace of ’70s, Parisian pop. As such, there are few sonic edges on Garden Cities of To-morrow but the sophisticated pop instrumentation lends a certain drama to Lullaby Baxter’s purring narratives. (BOOMPA!)