LSD March Under Milk Wood

Japan's LSD March are named after a song by Krautrock legends Guru Guru, and the influence certainly shows. This duo's sound ranges from full-bore psychedelic freak-outs to morose balladry to outright experimentation. On their previous album, the sprawling double CD Nikutai No Tubomi, they wore both their heaviest and most experimental disguises. Under Milk Wood finds LSD March heading in a quieter, almost folksy, direction. Adding a few non-traditional instruments to the vocals, guitar, drums line-up, Michishita Shinsuke and Takahashi Ikuro turn down the volume to create a sparse atmosphere akin to the black-and-white snow world featured on the cover art. Only on one track, "Dare Ga Hoeru," do they amplify, distort and reverberate their sound into psychedelic territory. Showing that they have a sense of humour, the duo close the disc with an untitled bonus track that sounds like a mock studio session for a song about being killed by one's mother. Very psych, indeed! (Important)