L'Roneous Imaginarium

Originally released in 1998, this L'Roneous release finds this disarmingly poetic Bay Area MC favouring a stream of consciousness flow for the most part of Imaginarium and succeeding. His affiliations with Project Blowed have obviously served him well, and despite the fact that his rhymes are obviously painstakingly constructed, they are delivered with a conviction and effortless style he calls "L'chemy." Indeed, the abstract title track took two years to write, and at one point he intones, "rhyming is my life, I don't call it a career." The minimalist jazz-intoned production by DJ Zeph is complementary and unobtrusive but is compelling enough to accentuate L'Roneous's rhymes. An innovative effort, it's an album that is best taken in through the headphones to be truly appreciated. (6 Months)