Low Skies The Bed

Low Skies’ debut, The Bed, is a thunderingly dark album that ultimately sounds like Nick Cave’s score to a nightmare. The band tightly weave metallic, doom-laden rock with random uplifting moments to give the album a feeling of disturbing beauty. The songs on the disc move from one to the next with a cinematic motion. The flow carries the listener and creates an experience well beyond "track one and five are f’in awesome!” That’s not to say there aren’t stand out moments on the disc, (because the songs "Down Below Him” and "Stop Me” are f’in awesome) just that it works much better as a whole. A slight down side of the disc though, is that the band plies the same Farfisa organ sound on almost every track. Unfortunately, this goes from being ignorable to grating in almost no time. Overall though, this is a unique and fantastic album. (Flameshovel)