Love Life Here is Night, Brothers, Here the Birds Burn

Just by reading the title of Love Life's latest release, it's obvious you're in for a dramatic affair - Here is Night... is an aural document of all things dark and menacing. With their recorded equivalent to the villager's revolt and subsequent mayhem after Dr. Frankenstein created his masterwork, Love Life are out to scare the living daylights out of you. The over the top boy/girl vocal theatrics, jangly rhythm section and lush organ parts take as much inspiration from The Rocky Horror Picture Show as they do a gloomier Blonde Redhead, or a more in your face Nick Cave. Here is Night... should very well replace that old "Monster Mash" tape you've been hanging onto for all your Halloween festivities. It's much more enjoyable (not to mention credible) than your run of the mill horror sounds cassette and should manage to frighten visitors just as effectively. (Jagjaguwar)