Lounge Lounge

This sounds a little like Sarge — fast paced indie pop punk with sticky hooks. The female vocals are right on the mark melody-wise, but at times sound more suited to radio pop punk than indie. Still, if the kids listened to Lounge instead of Avril Lavigne, I may not dread MuchMusic the same way I do now. The ’70s-era riffage on "Mind You" is a perfect touch, and on tracks like "That Day," the band delve partway into lo-fi melodies akin to Lois and other naïve-rock four-trackers. Lounge have a good blend — their emo, radio and pop punk influences are stirred evenly into their base, which is good pop writing. Though it may not be material for music fans who consider themselves of a discerning taste, it could make a good addition to a starter kit for their younger sibling, or to the soundtrack of their kid sister's favourite television show soundtrack. (It may as well be mentioned that the "teen primetime sound” is an increasingly legitimate sub-genre of indie rock). The older brother or sister may just find themselves bobbing their head to it from another room. (Ballmedia)