Loscil Returns with 'Sea Island' on Kranky, Shares "Ahull"

Loscil Returns with 'Sea Island' on Kranky, Shares 'Ahull'
It's only been a week since Vancouver ambient producer Loscil released a split EP with Fieldhead, but now the Destroyer associate also known as Scott Morgan has already announced a new album. Sea Island will drop on November 17 through Kranky.

The album was made with a few collaborators, including Jason Zumpano, Fieldhead's Elaine Reynolds and others. Instruments, meanwhile, include vibraphone, Rhodes, piano, violin and vocals.

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear opening cut "Ahull," which features nearly seven minutes of flickering electronic ambience.

Meanwhile, Loscil is presumably still working on his planned app.

Sea Island:

1. Ahull

2. In Threes

3. Bleeding Ink

4. Sea Island Murders

5. Iona

6. Holding Pattern

7. Catalina 1943

8. Angle of Loll

9. Sturgeon Bank

10. En Masse

11. Angle of List