The Lords Of Altamont The Altamont Sin

Thicker, more psychedelic and raunchier than their past two albums, The Altamont Sin finds this Los Angeles outfit delving even further into their adoration for the Stooges and early garage rock. Bolstered by the addition of former MC5 bassist Michael Davis, the band now have a bona fide contributor to that scene to ensure that every aspect is genuine. The end result, however, does tend to become a touch too tinny and cacophonous. Drenched in reverb and loose fuzz, tracks such as "Livin Hell," "Gods And Monsters" and "A Gun Called Justice" appeal to the booze-fuelled party animal within yet are so embedded in attempting to revisit an era that most of us didn't experience that the impact is somewhat lost. Had they utilized the tools at hand and created an album that embraced modern recording techniques to ensure sonic quality, the Lords Of Altamont would have unleashed a powerful amalgam of the Hives' intensity and the Gruesomes' genre-specific appeal. As is, however, The Altamont Sin is a wash of ear-splitting treble that threatens to destroy their inherent punk rock'n'roll sensibilities. (Gearhead)