Lords The House That Lords Built

Like former label-mates/musical terrorists the National Acrobat (who they share geography with) and Ink & Dagger, Lords are here to musically fuck shit up without an ounce of regret or sympathy. Criminally short (nine tracks of glorious noise generally under a minute-and-a-half in length, not counting the 19-minute hidden track of the album played in reverse, an old Acrobat trick), The House That Lords Built is still a remarkable debut. Harnessing the fractured, jagged stop-start complexity of the Acrobat, mixing it with a deranged spawn of Yow vocal-style (almost reminiscent of Pony from the Kittens), utilising actual old hardcore punk influences (Black Flag, not Good Charlotte) and always keeping it short, sweet and ADD-stricken, Lords may just be the salvation aggressive music needs. Weird, challenging and amazing, hopefully Lords won’t be another remarkable, unconventional unit who were too good and too ahead of their time for the disinterested, mosh-happy underground. (Initial)