Looking For A Thrill: An Anthology of Inspiration

Ever wonder what inspired your favourite musician to pick up an instrument and change your life? Created by Thrill Jockey employee Bettina Richards, this "collection of personal stories about defining musical moments of inspiration" is an indie rock fan's wet dream of a DVD. Featuring almost every desirable indie icon imaginable, the DVD sits each artist down and presents their reflections through fragmented camera work, freezing and jerking the images with accompanying snippets of music. Highlights include Thurston Moore being terrorised by Suicide at Max's in Kansas City, Ian MacKaye trading in Ted Nugent for the Cramps, Steve Albini discovering Ramones on a school bus and John Herndon skateboarding on acid, suffering a heart murmur and finding salvation in Mingus all in one afternoon. Easily the best music DVD this year. (Thrill Jockey, www.thrilljockey.com)