Lo-Hi Say It More

he second outing from Boss Hog drummer Hollis Queens and her mates (this time around including former BH members Jens Jurgensen and Justin Holub), Say It More takes raunchy garage blues and mixes it with fun, poppy camp. Queens is behind the mic with this outfit, and it suits her as well as any other front-woman. Her powerhouse vocals, ballsy attitude and confident lyrics of sex, violence and alcohol drive the record forward with a manic urgency that makes you wish she was there with you to scream and laugh with. Reminders of PJ and the Runaways come to mind, as do Blues Explosion and the Kinks. Yet Lo-Hi mixes all of these sounds with an interest in getting silly; the straight-ahead ode to Lucille Ball is just charmingly quirky, for instance. The sparse peppering of psychedelic keyboards could have been skipped, but on the whole this is a solid rock'n'roll jaunt into good ol' fashioned hedonism. Also, the somewhat cheesy visual aesthetic of Queens all swathed in hot pink and kink on the album cover will appeal to those latched onto the '80s revival. (Tiger Style)