Little Name How To Swim and Live

After 20 years, the C86 movement is finally getting at least a little of the respect it deserves. It turns out that not only was indie pop good at the time (and it was), it’s also stood the test of time and these days the likes of Camera Obscura have demonstrated that when done well it can be irresistible. Enter Little Name, the project of Liverpudlian Lee Barker, whose How To Swim and Live falls into a similar category. There might not be anything truly unique about it, and it would be very easy to overlook just how nicely done this debut is, but with dreamy sing-along choruses and wistful lyrics, the songs jangle along at their own pace in a way that’s reminiscent of the Hit Parade. There’s sweetness to the songs and even when the subject matter is a bit more melancholy it never overwhelms the music. How To Swim and Live is one of those understated records that just get better with every listen. (Sleepy)