Listen to Starset's New Album 'Horizons'

It's the fourth album from the Columbus, OH-formed band
Listen to Starset's New Album 'Horizons'
Don't you see the vistas teeming with new possibilities off in the distance? Hard-rockers Starset return today with their fourth LP Horizons via Fearless Records.

After releasing their sci-fi debut Transmissions in 2014, the Columbus outfit have continued their meteoric trajectory of grandiose ambitions. The conceptual premise of Horizons is a world entirely consumed by synthetic modes of escaping the confines of reality; a dystopian future wherein our addiction to digital technology makes our minds vulnerable to being controlled.

With all the trappings of an episode of Black Mirror, the quartet also see the idealistic side of being granted the access to explore life through another user's experiences — getting to further unravel the metaphor of stepping into someone else's shoes. Across the epic expanses of 16 tracks, Starset travel through the abyss of loss, meditating on separation and the love that unites us.

Horizons follows the release of singles — er, transmissions? — "The Breach," "Leaving the World Behind" and "Earthrise." Now, the full depth and climactic height of the cinematic narrative are upon us.

Stream the album on your platform of choice below.