Listen to Mother Mother's New Song "Life"

The single is the band's first new music since releasing 'Inside' earlier this year
Listen to Mother Mother's New Song 'Life'
Mother Mother have shared a new song called "Life" — the band's first new music since releasing their eighth record, Inside, in June.

About the one-off track, Mother Mother frontman Ryan Guldemond said:

This song came from out of nowhere. I was struggling all day on another track… a lot of second guessing, a lot of doubt. Nothing was clicking. I decided to take a break and create something new, almost as an act of creative therapy, and 'Life' was written in a matter of moments. 

The theme fit well with the day's trials, and acted as a reminder that wherever we are, despite situational flaws, we're right where we belong, and if we keep forging ahead, breakthroughs will inevitably occur.

The single comes attached to lyric videos available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, and Indonesian. An official video for the single is forthcoming. Check out the English lyric video for "Life" below. 

This past summer, Exclaim! caught up with Guldemond to discuss Inside, finding new life on TikTok and embracing quirkiness in 2021.