Lilys Zero Population Growth

The young Kurt Heasley and his band the Lilys have developed a reputation for creating some of the most exquisite English ‘60s-influenced pop around. However Kurt’s ability knock off the sounds of days gone by isn’t limited to time and place. On Zero Population Growth, Heasley heads to Germany in the progressive ‘70s, to pay homage to the locked trance grooves of Krautrock. Using period synthesisers Heasley conjures six tracks of minimalist melodic trance, more poppy than anything Neu! or Harmonia ever attempted. The results fit nicely into Darla’s continuing ambient pop series, clocking in as Bliss Out Volume 15. For this particular excursion Heasley is joined by Trevor Kampman, who records as Holland, and Archie Moore of the band the Heartworms. (Darla)