Lily Allen Admits Early 'Sheezus' Singles Are "Rubbish"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 11, 2014

If you weren't exactly thrilled by any of the preview singles to Lily Allen's upcoming comeback album Sheezus, you're apparently not alone, as a recent Twitter conversation with the pop star has her seemingly copping to the material being "rubbish."

Yesterday (March 10), Twitter user Reg Wilding chimed in with his thoughts on Allen's new tunes, noting that he felt they were "docile pop rubbish," adding, "So disappointing. She properly just wrote some rubbish to cash some cheques."

It's unclear just which songs he meant, but so far Allen has unveiled album tracks "L8 CMMR," "Air Balloon," "Hard Out Here" and most recently "Our Time."

Interestingly, Wilding's online takedown inspired Allen to make a response, defending Sheezus as a whole while explaining that the apparently sub-par single picks were made by her label, not her.

She explained:

In case you were wondering, Wilding reacted to the response by admitting he's "still gonna buy Sheezus see what the rest offers. I have faith!"

If you likewise have faith in what Allen has in store for the rest of Sheezus, you can pick up the album May 5 via Regal Recordings.

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