Lil Wayne's Rebirth Pushed Back to February But Leaked by Amazon

Lil Wayne's <i>Rebirth</i> Pushed Back to February But Leaked by Amazon
With a number of rumoured releases on the horizon, it's becoming difficult to keep up with rapper Lil Wayne. As we told you recently, his long-anticipated, and likely terrible, rock album, Rebirth, was finally slated for release on December 15. Unsurprisingly, that date came and went without any sign of the record.

Last week, a number of sources revealed that Rebirth had been pushed back to a February 2010 release date. Presumably, his label is using Wayne's prison sentencing, which is scheduled for February 9, as a marketing technique to push the album.

If you've heard lead single "Prom Queen," you know that we all might be better off if the album never comes out. Those who still want to hear it, however, should note that it might be possible. The Daily Swarm points to an Amazon customer who had his pre-ordered copy of Rebirth delivered to him this week. The snafu means that tracks from the album are sure to leak soon, and Amazon users who pre-ordered the disc should keep a watchful eye on their mailboxes.

To read online discussion from Amazon customers about the fiasco, click here

In related news, Lil Wayne's long-rumoured Young Money crew album, We Are Young Money, has been given a tracklisting, and seems to be sticking to its December 21 release date. The hip-hop enthusiasts over at Rap-Up also got their hands on the album, and posted snippets of each track. As the eight-minute video below attests, it sounds like a very promising LP.

We Are Young Money:

1. "Gooder"

2. "Every Girl"

3. "Ms. Parker"

4. "Wife Beater"

5. "New Shit"

6. "Pass the Dutch" (ft. Shawt Dog)

7. "Play in My Band"

8. "Fuck da Bullshit" (ft. Birdman)

9. "BedRock" (featuring Lloyd)

10. "Girl I Got You"

11. "Steady Mobbin'" (ft. Gucci Mane)

12. "Roger That"

13. "She Is Gone"

14. "Streets Is Watchin'"

15. "Finale"