Lil Wayne "No Worries" (ft. Detail) (video)

Lil Wayne 'No Worries' (ft. Detail) (video)
It's been two months since Lil Wayne issued his "largely forgettable" Dedication 4 mixtape, but the dude's trying to preserve the memories of a pretty wild night in the mind-expanding new clip for the set's "No Worries."

Partly inspired by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the clip has a safari hat-wearing Weezy doing his best Hunter S. Thompson impersonation (he, uh, also has a lengthy cigarette holder with him for most of the vid) while swatting away bats in his convertible and getting fucked up in a casino.

You see him and his posse, potentially aping Thompson's ether experiment, stumbling near the slot machines as they trip out to the seemingly swirling carpet patterns. Elsewhere, they admire a stripper's "Donkey Kong," which is censored with a neon floating simian head, and bust through a wall for a private hotel room party.

You can see all the shenanigans down below.