Lil B Inks Deal with Amalgam Digital

Lil B Inks Deal with Amalgam Digital
This year was a huge one for prolific hip-hop weirdo Lil B, with highlights including his MF Doom-saluting MF Based mixtape and his Salem-sampling, trap-game decrying tune "Slangin Yayo," but the rapper is poised to have an even bigger 2011. XXL reports that Lil B has signed on with Amalgam Digital for his next albums.

Keeping up with his habit of dropping online mixtapes, both of his upcoming albums will be available solely in the digital realm.

The first set, Angels Exodus, drops January 18. Check out wild album cover above. Have you ever seen such a ballin' Jesus Christ pose? B's all nailed to the cross but he's still draped in panties and bling. A proper release date for Glass Face, which is being touted as his proper solo debut, has yet to be revealed, though a statement from the rapper alludes both sets will be game changers.

"We are putting out these two albums called Angels Exodus and then Glass Face. It's going to be historical works of art with these albums," he said. "On Angels Exodus it's going to be real hip-hop and sticking to the script. I'll be going far outside of the boundaries and staying far away from the script too. The Glass Face album will live up to it's name. These albums are something everyone will understand."

The bragadocious rapper continued to boast of his skills with this gem of a statement: "They are the reason why I'm 10' tall and everyone else is just 6'7''... no diss. You know I love everybody."