Like It or Not, Weezer Reveal Raditude's Album Cover

Like It or Not, Weezer Reveal <i>Raditude</i>'s Album Cover
Warning: Weezer fans, avert your eyes.

"Weezer albums that suck" already outnumber "Weezer albums that rock" by two to one, but still the long-running power poppers continue to beat a dead horse. Rivers Cuomo has clearly given up on being taken seriously, as evidenced by the Rainn Wilson-coined title for the group's upcoming seventh album, Raditude. At a recent live show, Weezer debuted two atrocious new songs ("The Girl Got Hot" and "I'm Your Daddy"), and the recently leaked single "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" further proves that the group have become a parody of themselves.

Now, the cover art for Raditude has been revealed (see above), and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Cuomo apparently found the picture of the airborne canine in a recent issue of National Geographic and personally contacted the photographer for permission to use it. Add some cheesy typography and presto! You've got yourself an album cover.

To Weezer's credit, the shot perfectly captures the title Raditude. Whether that's a good thing is less certain.