CBC's Lost Music Archives Go Global via Light in the Attic

LITA has partnered with MajikBus Entertainment to distribute "The Transcription Records Series"
CBC's Lost Music Archives Go Global via Light in the Attic
Over the course of this year, MajikBus Entertainment and the CBC have been giving a series of super-rare, long-out-of-print albums from Canadian artists the reissue treatment, and archival experts Light in the Attic will now get in on the action.

Today, the Seattle label announced a distribution deal in collaboration with MajikBus to bring titles in the ongoing "Transcription Records Series" to listeners around the globe. Light in the Attic also hinted at "more goodies in store" from the series going forward.

In the 1960s, the CBC produced a series of albums by Canadian artists that were distributed to broadcast affiliates in the country and across North America. Each title was pressed in a run of 250 copies, and they have since been highly sought after by collectors due to not being available commercially at the time of pressing.

Titles that have been repressed for the series so far include Beverly Glenn Copeland's 1970 self-titled album, Judy Singh's A Time for Love, the Perth County Conspiracy's self-titled LP and Emile Normand Sextet's Emile Normand. 

A quick look at resale sites like Discogs will give you a glance at how hyper-rare these titles have become. A lone copy of the aforementioned Copeland LP is currently listed for over $3,500 CAD, while the Perth County Conspiracy's self-titled disc has sold for $665 CAD in the past.

All titles reissued as part of the series are remastered from original tapes where available, or restored from mint original copies with original artwork. The albums themselves are pressed on 180-gram black wax.

You can look at the currently available titles here.