Library Voices "The Prime Minister's Daughter"

Library Voices 'The Prime Minister's Daughter'
We still don't have a confirmed release date for Library Voices' sophomore LP, but we know that it will be called Summer of Lust and that it will come out via Toronto's Nevado Records. While we're waiting for the details to be confirmed, we can whet our appetites with a track from the album.

Entitled "The Prime Minister's Daughter," this bouncy, synth-spiked pop rocker is being released in time for the 2011 Canadian federal election. It's a protest song that addresses government cuts to arts funding.

In a press release, the band said, "We don't take much of a political stance on most matters, but we're happy to participate in any sort of anti-Harper campaign."

Download the keyboard-heavy track for free right here. Go here to read more about Summer of Lust and to check out the band's upcoming Canadian tour dates.