Levl Controlled By Time

Looks like we have a winner for "unreadable metal logo of the year," Levl managing to churn out a logo that is not something any human can decipher. These Victoria, BC, hopefuls actually up the ante a bit on the Canadian demo CD by producing something that is above average and quite enjoyable. Once past the standard demo-quality vocals and relentless mid-tempo pace, one finds enjoyable thrash with a definite '80s feel shining through. Major faux pas, though: do not write the words "produced by Jeff Waters" bigger than anything else in the liner notes. Nothing against Waters, the man rules, and no doubt helped bring this above the mid-everything swamp most demos drown in. Also, this thing is way too long, about 30 minutes past the end of enjoyment for today's metal listener. So call this one standard thrash with that extra demo fog murking about it, showing signs of a band that in time could be quite good. (Punctured)