Lesbian Power Hor

There’s no denying that Lesbian are able to pull from every aspect of their beloved metal genre. Shifting between black metal’s rampant aggression, stoner and doom’s unending chug, the operatic guitar swirls of the NWOBHM and thrash’s primal rage, the band have incorporated them all into four songs and 61 minutes of epic worship on Power Hor. And while this is impressive (switching between blast beats and low-end psychedelic chugging isn’t as easy as one may imagine), it’s how the band take this gooey mess and forge it into something toothsome that is most admirable. Their intrinsic ability to sense when a certain passage has become played out means the focus of each song shifts just as it reaches its apex. The resulting dominant power and inspired aggression are offset by moodiness and the creation of an almost creepy aura; it’s an aural journey of elements most bands aspire to but never truly attain. Still, despite this ability to incorporate dynamics and examine individual parts, the band could stand to be a bit more discerning regarding the overall picture. When songs branch into 15-minute territory, tedium does begin to set in, especially with the absence of any notable vocal patterns. The music becomes atmospheric to the point of unnoticeable, proving that a collection of great riffs can still be pared down to essential elements. Even the mighty Neurosis knew when overkill was imminent. (Fanatic)