Leroy Hanghofer White Trash

Having already dropped one of the year’s best dance albums — Aperitivo — a few months back under the guise of Munk, Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery (co-founders of the Gomma label) found enough time to release a full-length with their side project Leroy Hanghofer. Where Aperitivo saw the pair sowing their wild musical oats, White Trash is a little more straightforward and danceable, focusing on an R&B/electro/disco-heavy sound that continues to show their approach to music-making always checks their serious side at the door. White Trash (recorded between 1999 and 2002) is a sleek and savvy soundtrack for the nightlife that hides enough tricks up its sleeve to keep the vibes off the wall and full of fun. "Bathroomboogie” has already proven to be an instant club hit and a favourite in the DFA camp; its slithering bass and throbbing beat strut with attitude before Agathe comes in with her sexy tongue. "H-Boy” follows suit with another exotic mistress named Jenny whispering about her "white trash hell,” and "Das Pi” takes things even further tapping into P-Funk’s outer-space folly with a steady one-two beat that never relents. Meanwhile "Traumerei” takes things down a notch for a breezy, Caribbean ambience supported by a sweet childlike vocal. With its party-hard persistence, White Trash proves yet again that Modica and Imbery are the new kings of boogie. (Gomma)