Leonard Cohen Titles Upcoming Album 'Old Ideas'

Leonard Cohen Titles Upcoming Album 'Old Ideas'
Last year, iconic Canadian poet/songwriter Leonard Cohen hinted that he'd be releasing a new album sometime in 2011, but here we are mid-October with no firm street date in sight for the artist's next collection. A glimmer of hope has arrived, though, with Cohen announcing the title of the album, as well as a newly projected ETA.

As Reuters reports, a recent press conference in Spain found the singer-songwriter suggesting his new album will be called Old Ideas. It will come out sometime next year and will contain ten previously unheard tracks.

With a tracklist yet to be made available, it's uncertain whether previously reported tunes "Feels So Good," "The Darkness" or "Lullaby" made the cut, or, for that matter, how old these recordings are.

What Cohen did confess, however, is that he's played the song cycle for an apparently impressed audience. "I've played it for a few people, and they seem to like it," he said.

Cohen, whose last studio album was 2004's Dear Heather, went on to explain that it can take a while to get those creative juices flowing, admitting that finding inspiration can be difficult.

"You know, when you're writing, you're always an absolute beginner. Each time you take up your guitar or sit by a blank page, you start from scratch. It's a struggle."

While Old Ideas's street date is likely a ways off, fans can still take solace in that massive box set that arrived earlier this week.