Leonard Cohen Awarded Glenn Gould Prize

Leonard Cohen Awarded Glenn Gould Prize
The legendary Leonard Cohen has led a much-acclaimed career, so why stop now: the multi-talented artist has just been awarded the ninth Glenn Gould Prize.

The international award, named after the late pianist Glenn Gould, is bestowed every other year to those that have "enriched the human condition through the arts and manifests the values of innovation, inspiration and transformation." Considering his achievements as a singer-songwriter, poet and novelist, Cohen certainly fits the bill.

"I want to thank the Glenn Gould Foundation for their kindness," Cohen said in a statement. "It is a great honour, sweetened by my love of the work of Glenn Gould, and our collective appreciation of his invigorating and enduring presence in the world of music and imagination."

Cohen, who was chosen from a list of candidates nominated by the public, will receive a cash prize of $50,000, while a young artist of his choosing will receive the City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protege Prize of $15,000. Cohen has yet to select the recipient. Both artists will be toasted at a gala ceremony later this year in Toronto and their work will be celebrated at other events throughout the year.

"His poetry and music transcend national boundaries and cultures by touching our common humanity," jury chairman Paul Hoffert praised of Cohen. "His unique voice is nonetheless the common voice of people around the globe telling our stories, expressing our emotions, reaching deeply into our psyches. Like Glenn Gould, his work touches audiences far outside his main genre. Hallelujah!"